ready for ALL the feels?

We’re here to make memories, and we just so happen to be holding cameras while we do it. There are so many moments in life that we wish we could grab onto, pause and replay. What we love about video is that you get to relive those moments again and again, keeping your memories alive and authentically capturing what’s valuable to you. From capturing an intimate session with your love, watching your babies grow, cooking with your family, to celebrating all of life’s hills and valleys, we want to be right in it with you. Life and love are the adventure, and we want to capture your experience of it so you come away with videos that are yours.

for love + adventure


Wedding + Lifestyle Videographer



It’s such a gift for us to spend these days with you, and hoooopefully, your dog. We’re very into what looks most genuine on film- this means a lot of laughing with us, getting close, and making the most of the moment. And after the day is done, you’ll have your video to look back on for the rest of your life. It’ll make you laugh and cry all over again! Let’s do it!


hi, i’m brie!


So why do I love my work? Simply, because love is an adventure. If I’m filming your wedding, I'll be there to help carry your flowers, constantly tell you how amazing you look, and sob behind the camera as you share your vows. If I’m there to film a special lifestyle video for you, we’ll laugh a lot, enjoy the moment, and come away with a day we won’t forget. We're gonna be friends. We’re creating your film together.

Living, for me, is about people and moments- laughing in living rooms, cooking around a fire, making memories at every hill and valley. Love, for me, is a driving force. I seek to feel it, share it, cultivate and capture it.

This is why filming love and adventure has become such a huge part of not just my lifestyle, but who I am. I am here to be caught in the waves of love, dripping with it, renewed each time I catch a glimpse of it from a different angle. Love IS the adventure, and I’m so here for it.


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will your dog be at your wedding? because i want to meet it!


 If your furry friend is going to be part of your wedding day, I have something special for you! As a fellow dog lover, I just melt when I see my couples snuggle their pups. Take $50 off my pricing if your dog will be part of your big day! I can’t guarantee they won’t steal the spotlight.