Emily Wehner Photography | Spring Engagement Shoot

It’s here!!! We had the most wonderful evening working with Emily and her sweet couple at their engagement shoot. We’ve been talking about exploring other kinds of videos we could offer, and this was such a great way to kick off the adventure! Laughs, dancing, beautiful weather and memories made with these wonderful folks.

We went home with full memory cards and even fuller hearts after this shoot. Then proceeded to have a two hour conversation about why we love and value the art of film, and how thankful we are to have this skill and continue learning as we explore new territory.

Emily and her business are packed with joy, that’s my biggest takeaway. She was all smiles and encouragement from the moment we got there and we shared a great big hug. When the couple arrived, she was totally in her element, just chatting with them about their lives, who they are and making us all feel excited to be there! It was such a unique opportunity to see the artist behind the photography- beyond knowing her craft well, she is just so engaging and fun to be around. I’m believe this is why all her images are so true to the moment, because she’s making the most of the time she has with the people in front of her camera. When we left, we couldn’t stop talking about how the past hour of filming for her hadn’t felt at all like work because we enjoyed every second!

More of this, Lord. Incredibly grateful.

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