Emma Leigh Photography - Lakeside Engagement Session

We met Emma for the first time last night and giiiirl, she’s just as amazing as I anticipated! We’ve connected with each other online for the past few months, watching each other’s lives from afar, supporting each other’s work. It was so good to finally meet this friend and watch her do her thing! Bradford Woods was a beautiful, earthy spot to capture these moments with her couple. We all shared some laughs, and a few mosquito bites. This is where we thrive- the great outdoors!

I’m so happy we got to do this for Emma, her photography is boooomb so go check her out! She is so fun to be around, smiley, real, and I can totally identify with the amount of times she says “Perfect!” at her shoots (we all have our words, ha!). The night was golden, we had the lake in front of us and trees all around. Would I do it again? Every day.

Brie GowinComment