When Chloe welcomed me to film her little family, I’m telling you, I was over the moon to say the very least! Everly is just around 6 weeks old in this film, and my goodness you guys, what a special time to be able to capture this. She is still so little and figuring out her surroundings, and the moment she is held or locks eyes with her parents, I felt I was truly witnessing a miracle.

This just serves as a reminder of how glorious and good our God is, watching her parents be so impacted by her presence and vice versa. From her tiny little toes to big blue eyes, to that wispy hair and her sweet sounds, I think I’m totally sold on filming these little ones. I don’t take for granted what a gift it was for me to be able to spend this time with the Lukas, they are just the most kind, gentle, spirit-filled family! I left this shoot feeling so impacted myself by their love for each other and their kindness toward me. To this sweet girl and her parents, you might think you’re the only ones who were blessed on this day, but I truly was as well!