Family Film - The Shaws

Walking into the Shaw’s home was full of excitement- squealing kiddos, music, and an eagerness for what we were about to capture. Bethany and I had previously talked on the phone about this little video session, but I honestly had no idea just how blessed I’d be by filming this. Their smiles are all contagious, Bethany is pregnant with their third child, and the amount of laughs and snuggles you’ll see are way too many to count!

With this also being a fun gender reveal for their baby (which they’ve fondly given the name “Pip” for the time being, like the size of an orange pip!), Bethany came up with a fun way to announce it on video. We knew we were planning to do a picnic for part of the session, so she whipped up both pink and blue popsicles! What’s so surreal is that I got to find out the gender right before they did so that I could be the one to bring out the right color popsicles for them to eat! You should’ve seen me standing by myself in their kitchen while they were outside waiting- I was so excited to open that little envelope and see what their ultrasound tech had circled: “Surprise! Baby Pip is a…” I was completely giddy! Do you want to know what they’re having? Watch this sweet video to find out!

After the session, we all sat in the grass eating our popsicles, just chatting and getting to know each other some more. Words don’t do justice to the emotions I had running through me this entire shoot, watching this family of three love on each other in their home, a place that’s so personal to them, and witnessing their excitement about becoming a family of 4!