We’ve been so blessed around here with all of you showing so much to love to our newest videos! Families, small business owners, and adventurers have welcomed us into their lives to capture valuable moments on film, and we’re so grateful!

So here’s the BIG NEWS… we are now Wandering Light!! After a lot of thought and exploring what we are passionate about with film, it came down to this; we’ll go where your stories are, and we want to be light in this world as we do it. Blushing Films has been the name of this adventure for the past 6 years, and we knew it was time for a name that really exemplified our mission. I’m so excited to unveil Wandering Light to you guys! And with this exciting announcement, what better way to kick off this new adventure than by giving back?

We’re hosting a giveaway over on our Instagram, so go see our latest post if you’d like to enter to win something special from us! Thank you all so very much for your joy and excitement. We’re so excited to continue filming for you and making these moments last!