Caitlin and Sean are a couple of mine from about 2 years ago, when I filmed their wedding day. These two are very, very obviously in love, and I love it!! It’s so easy to film their laughs, snuggles and their positive energy. I was so excited when Caitlin saw one of my family films a few months ago, and she contacted me saying she would love to have one for her sweet little family!

So we charged our camera batteries, booked an Airbnb, and packed our bags for Knoxville! While we were there, I was so glad Caitlin also wanted me to film this session of her and Sean (check back soon for their family film!). I’m so grateful to know these two, and Caitlin reminds me consistently that they feel the same way. Guys, that’s where friendship resides. In letting each other know how you feel, and not letting it go unsaid how blessed you are to know each other.

We’re so happy we got to spend a few precious hours with them, and we’re already looking forward to someday going back to explore the city they love some more!! Thank you guys so much for entrusting these memories to us!